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REVENUE ON THE NIGHT - Explained and Illustrated

Tote Betting - Auction Race - Raffle
As you will have read you can make money ‘On the Night’ with:


Below is a illustration of how the TOTE BETTING works. This will be the major revenue
earner ‘ON THE NIGHT’.


Examples - Tote Tickets

Tote tickets

Examples - Bet Here and Payout Signs

payout signs

Sample TOTE Calculation on a Race:
The illustration you will see below shows the calculations for a Race on the night. This formula is simply repeated each race for the 10 races.

If you are availing of our OPERATOR PACKAGES, our Professional Operator will make these calculations for you.

race night calculation illustration

The Auction Race is simple - Each horse is auctioned and sold to the highest bidder. You add the total amount of what each horse was sold for and you give 50% to the WINNER and 50% is retained by the club fundraiser.


You can also hold a raffle on the night which can generate lots of additional revenue - just get spot prizes donated and sell tickets.


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