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REVENUE BEFORE THE NIGHT - Explained and Illustrated

The Race Card:

The Race Card is one of the most important parts of your Race Night as most of your
revenue for the night is generated from it by pre selling Horses, Sponsors and Ads.
The key is to get companies to place Advertsiments and Sponsors in the Race Card and it is vitally important that this publication is as professional as possible for them. It is very attractive for a business to consider being the ‘Main Event Sponsor’ or ‘Advertisers and Sponsors’ if you can offer a high quality Full Colour Race Card.

Fundraising Events provide each club with a Starter Pack which includes all the Blank
Races and Adforms, which we then take back into our studio 4-5 days prior to the event and our professional Design Team lay everything out and Print a Full Colour Race Card.


Have a look at our work below ... Click on this link to view sample booklet


Race Night Cover


Sample Booklet Covers:

Race Night Booklet Covers


As you will see above, many clubs invite a local businesses to become the Main Sponsor for the event. The Sponosr will get there Advert on the back page (the most prominant position), as well there Logo on the Cover.

You can charge €500 - €1,000, however most clubs try and achieve the cost of the
Complete Package (€850) and this way all other revenues from Horses, Adverts, and
Sponsors are 100% Profit.


Adverts, Sponsors and Horse Sales

Race Card Sponsor and Advert pages


View Booklet


Horse Owners ............... €10
Jockeys .......................... €10
Trainers ......................... €10
Race Sponsors ............... €125 (There are usually a maximum of 10 Races)
Adverts (Full Page) ....... €100 (There is no limit to the number of ads you can sell)


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