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Work With Our Professional Team

Before the Night:

Once the organisation has successfully registered with White Collar Fight Nights, they must then choose 2 members who will represent their club on the night. From this point the Event Management team at White Collar Fight Nights will contact the ‘Boxers’ and get going with the training and preparation.


A questionnaire will also be sent for each ‘Boxers profile’, which will be displayed in the souvenir ‘Fight Night’ booklet for the night (biggest influence on career, etc). A picture of the 2 Boxers will be taken at the first training session and these images will appear on Tickets, Posters, Souvenir Booklet, etc.


Boxer's Profile Questionnaire:

boxer profile questionnaire


Boxer's Profile Page in Souvenir Booklet:

boxing profile page


There will also be High Quality Posters with the event details and your pictures.


On The Night:

On the night each 2 Boxers will take there turn in order pre drawn of 1-12. With each of the 12 bouts giving it their best shot, one winner will be chosen on the night by our independent judges for ‘Best Bout on the Night’. We will have our Professional Coaches and Stage Manager there on the night to get all the boxers prepared, taped up, and ready for action.


Souvenir Video:

Each heat of White Collar Fight Nights will be video recorded and edited into a DVD for that heat. These will be available 2 weeks after each event.


souvenir dvd


This is also an opportunity for further fundraising within the club by getting a percentage of all copies sold.


For Example Your Club Can Purchase 50 DVD’s with professional full colour printing and box for €250 and sell them for €10 each.


* This will be subject to venue size

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